Our Mission Statement

Todwick Primary School aims to serve its community by providing the highest quality teaching and learning, delivering a curriculum for the development of the whole child and one that prepares them for their future in a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment.

Todwick Primary School operates within an ethos of shared values highlighting honesty, respect and kindness. The school encourages these values through the experiences it offers and the expectations it upholds.

We value children, parents and carers, staff and governors as partners in education and will seek to involve them and the wider community in the life of the school.

Our School Motto:

“Be the Best that We Can Be”

Todwick Primary School aims to:

  • Ensure that learning is fun and memorable.  (Be a smart, bright and interesting place to learn).   Creativity will be encouraged.  Active and experiential learning will stimulate and motivate children.
  • Be a smart, bright and exciting immersive environment to engage our children in learning.
  • Nurture children so that they are happy and secure with an individual sense of self worth.  Achievements will be celebrated and valued by all.
  • Create a positive, caring atmosphere which reflects our shared values and promotes a sense of community.  
  • Develop a community of confident, life-long learners and responsible citizens.
  • Promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour.
  • Grow and change but remain true to our vision

We believe the route to achieving these aims is through many things: the promotion of confidence and self-belief, inquiry and curiosity, enthusiasm and challenge, sharing and learning together, accepting and embracing differences, openness, self respect and persistence.

Our school is inclusive. We want all of our children to feel welcomed, accepted, happy and fulfilled. We recognise that all children are different and that these differences create opportunities for adults and children alike to learn more about themselves and to respect each other. Helping children to developing positive attitudes and values is an important feature of our work.

If a child has a disability they will be treated no less favourably than other children. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not placed at a substantial disadvantage.  Accessibility arrangements are already in place in order to enable physical access to the school, the curriculum and to written information for all people.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people with a disability are not treated differently without lawful justification. We will make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils and we will know we have succeeded when disabled students are participating fully in school life.

In order to maintain effective partnerships between home and school we anticipate parents/carers will want to:

  • Inform the school at the earliest opportunity if their child has a disability and the exact nature of it
  • Provide the information the school needs to plan effectively for the child to be a full member of the school community
  • Acknowledge that when deciding whether an adjustment is reasonable, one of the factors that the Head Teacher must consider is the effect of the proposed change on all members of the school community
  • Recognise the importance of home and school working in partnership

The school has a policy for supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) which is available from the school office or the school website www.todwickps.co.uk.  Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of school life, as far as is reasonable and practicable.

The school recognises the needs of the wider community and is committed to providing opportunities for life-long learning. We provide a warm and welcoming breakfast club every morning and a range of extra curricular activities for the children.

The school opened in 1968.  The school building comprises seven separate classrooms, with a Foundation Stage 2/Reception class (FS2), two infant/key stage 1 classes (year 1 and year 2) and four junior/key stage 2 classes (Year 3 to Year 6). The children are currently taught in single year group classes. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and three PCs. The children also have access to a class set of IPADS and an ICT suite that contains 15 PCs and an interactive whiteboard.

In addition we have two small teaching rooms for group or 1:1 teaching and a school library/music room. There is a hall and dining room with a pupils’ kitchen.  School meals are cooked on the premises.

We have two playgrounds, a timber trail for key stage 2 children, a school field, an outdoor classroom and outdoor learning areas, one dedicated to the Foundation Stage class, and others which are accessed by the whole school. There is a Ground Force Team that comprises pupils, staff, governors and parents who are active in developing the school grounds for learning outside the classroom.

Our school swimming pool is a learner pool.  Children in classes FS2 to Y4 have lessons during Autumn and Summer terms.

Many of our pupils come from our local catchment area which includes the nearby village of Thorpe Salvin. Other pupils travel to us from neighbouring villages. 

The admission limit for our FS2 class is 30 pupils per year; this is also the limit for KS1 classes. Children are grouped according to age and are usually taught most subjects by their class teachers or higher level teaching assistants, except for modern foreign language (French) and some specific activities such as music tuition, swimming and some PE lessons.

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Todwick Primary School

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