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Todwick Primary School Remote Learning Policy

The rules and expectations below give a basic outline of expectations and rules for online working when using zoom for live online sessions.

We will continue to deliver our usual high standards of education remotely but our partnership with you as parents and carers is paramount in ensuring our children make the most of the different modes of delivery and the learning materials we will be providing over the forthcoming weeks.

With this in mind, we ask that you agree to assist your child to: 

  • Behave respectfully towards teachers and other pupils
  • Use appropriate language for formal settings
  • Pay close attention to lessons and refrain from socialising with other children through zoom chat facilities
  • Refrain from actively distracting other pupils during lessons
  • Participate in class discussions when appropriate
  • Try to follow the suggested timetable wherever possible
  • Upload work daily once completed. (We understand that this time can vary depending on how busy things may be for people at home).
  • Ensure that the work they submit is their best ability and standard
  • Be dressed appropriately for face-to- face learning (no pyjamas; clothing that is appropriate for interaction with teachers such as that worn for a school trip)
  • Speak at the correct moments throughout a zoom session and remain muted until instructed to unmute
  • Only use technology when there is an adult in the house who is aware it is being used
  • Understand that passwords to zoom invitations are not to be revealed to anyone who is not an invited member
  • Not record or take photos/screenshots of classmates or teachers during video sessions
  • Ensure their correct name is used on the zoom meeting
  • Eat or drink after rather than during the meeting

We appreciate that particular domestic dynamics (including having several children) may present challenges, and we would like to take this opportunity in extending our gratitude to you all in making this transition to online working successful for all pupils.





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