Home Learning - Tomato Mummification

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 10:05pm

In Class 3 we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian mummification process. In order to fully understand how the Egyptians mummified their dead, we conducted our own investigation by mummifying a tomato.

Here are the steps we followed in case you want to try at home:

1. Collect the materials you will need (tomato, knife, spoon, bowl, salt, bicarbonate of soda)

2. Clean your tomato using antibacterial gel

3. Cut your tomato in half using your knife (ask an adult for help and do not do this unsupervised)

4. Scoop out the tomato flesh using your spoon

5. Cover one half of your tomato in natron (80g salt and 40g bicarbonate of soda)

6. Keep the other half of your tomato as a control variable (do not cover in natron)

7. Leave your tomato for 2 weeks (keep checking on it every few days)


Here are some examples of work completed at home by Dylan, Janusz and Thomas. Well done boys!

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