At Todwick Primary School we aim to create a happy and stimulating learning environment. 

Our curriculum is designed to embrace active learning to engage all children

General Information for Parents
School Uniform
Please see our prospectus for details.  Uniform is on sale at and Pinders Schoolwear

Uniform does not have to be embroidered.  However if you purchase uniform from supermarkets or other online shops and you would like embroidery, it can be done separately - please contact Tracie B on Facebook.  Johnny D Schoolwear also provide uniform with our embroidery - they can be found on Facebook also.

P.E. Kit
White t-shirt, black shorts, black P.E. pumps without laces

White t shirt, black shorts or
Black leggings or track suit bottoms, black sweatshirt, black pumps or trainers

P.E. clothing needs to be plain and without logos.

Clothing must not be items that are worn in class as uniform.

Free School Meals Award
Do you qualify?
Please consider applying even if your child already receives free lunches in key stage 1. If you are awarded free school meals you can receive free visits, free milk and free after school club attendance for your child. School also receives funding to help progress!

If you are a parent or guardian receiving either:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credits (Guaranteed Credit)

You may be entitled to claim free school meals for your child. Applications can be made on line at or by telephoning the benefits office on 01709 336006.

Please apply now if you think you may be eligible.

Name your items!
This term we have disposed of 3 bin liners full of unnamed clothing which has been in lost property for most of the year. We check lost property items regularly and return anything that’s named.

It is well worth investing in a permanent marker pen such as a sharpie to write your child’s name on the label. Please don’t write in biro as this washes straight out. Most uniform items have an extra label on the body of the inside of the garment which is big enough for this.

The Giving Machine
Do you shop online?
Help us to raise funds for our school. Please take a moment to register on and choose our school as the benefactor. We will receive a small donation every time you make an online purchase from hundreds of outlets, including Amazon, Tesco Direct and most high street stores


Sometimes it can be difficult at home.... here are some ideas to help:

Encourage all children to try everything as everyone has a wide range of abilities.

Boys and girls are distinctly different in the way their brains develop so they will learn differently. Be patient! Give them real reasons to try.

Try not to suppress noisy boisterous play-research demonstrates that rough and tumble play in boys is more likely to help them do well in school.

Encourage boys and girls to dress up and care for toy furry animals and dolls-encourage strong caring images and comment when kindness and care are shown to others.

Encourage children to experiment, have a go, make their own choices about the play they wish to be involved in as this increases their self-confidence, motive and esteem.

Encourage talk about interests via non-fiction and adventure books and comics, which often work well as a stimulus.

Provide right brain activities to encourage boys in to reading, writing and arithmetic skills via actions, colour, pictures and patterns.

Avoid stereotyping and encourage boys and girls to join in a range of sports, dance and movement.

Encourage discussion about alternative ways of playing if things are happening which you disapprove of.

Remember it is adults who are responsible for what children watch on television and DVD’s!

Make speaking and listening a priority for ALL children and be excited about what they say.

Listen carefully to children before you launch in to conversation.

Ask quality questions.

Reduce your control.

Develop children’s emotional vocabulary and help them recognise feelings, relationships and needs via stories and life experiences. Point out that it is all right to be frightened or upset.

Ask questions that sensitively challenge stereotypical thinking e.g. Can boys have long hair? Can girls be footballers?

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