Class 6 2020 - 21




Mr Parkin, Class Teacher


                                        Mrs Street, Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Class 6

Our 2020-2021 Class Motto

We will never ignore a possibility to discover our full potential.


Autumn Term 2020-2021

Class 6, where has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday when we started our first two weeks back where we enjoyed reading: 

‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers


This book really helped us to reflect on how strong we are and how little we need to worry about small things when we compare ourselves to the vastness of space and the universe.

Take a look in our gallery titled ' Here We Are Poetry' to read poetry based on our happy places, and view some of our early artwork. 


Our Viking visit to Danelaw at Merton Park

After two weeks of learning about the Vikings and where they came from, it was time for you to go and enjoy being a Viking for a day. At Merton Park, you were able to live like Vikings. Whilst here, you learned about small Viking settlements and how Vikings lived. I still remember seeing your expressions when the Kahl told you where the villagers would go to the toilet. How times have changed!

After a long day: gardening, gathering firewood, grinding wheat to prepare bread, using clay and tallow to make candles, telling tales, singing songs, guarding the village and selling slaves; you were ready for a good night’s sleep! Here are some photos to remind you of this special day.

Photos of this magical day can be viewed in our gallery titled 'Being a Viking for the Day' 



In art, after reading about the arrival of the Valkyries (Odin's Shield Maidens) who came to collect the body of a fallen warrior, we decided to create collage eagles to represent the Valkyries. It was a multi-step project that evolved over a number of weeks. 

We started by relieving our stresses and strains by having the freedom to create an abstract piece of art. Whilst listening to different pieces of music, we allowed our painting and movements to be influenced by how the music made us feel. As the tempo switched, our movements would change. We were allowed to use different medium and tool to add texture. 

The final pieces were breathtaking and the process of different elements of a piece of art work coming together incredibly exciting. Good things come to those who wait. 


Check out our photos in the gallery. 

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