"The important thing is to never stop questioning." 

Albert Einstein


At Todwick Primary School we intend to build a science curriculum which aims to develop children’s natural curiosity and interest in science. We intend to provide children with learning opportunities that include the acquisition of appropriate subject knowledge, understanding and key skills as set out in the National Curriculum. We intend for children to have the opportunity, wherever possible, to learn through investigations, leading them to being equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them. As children progress through the year groups, they build on their skills in working scientifically, as well as on their scientific knowledge, as they develop greater independence in planning and carrying out fair and comparative tests to answer a range of scientific questions.


The acquisition of key scientific knowledge is an integral part of our science lessons. The progression of skills for working scientifically are developed through the year groups and scientific enquiry skills are of key importance within lessons. Each lesson has a clear focus. Scientific knowledge and enquiry skills are developed with increasing depth and challenge as children move through the year groups. They complete investigations and hands-on activities while gaining the scientific knowledge for each unit. Activities are effectively differentiated so that all children have an appropriate level of support and challenge.

  • Science will be delivered as a weekly session as per the whole school cycle.
  • Children’s work will be kept in individual science books.
  • At the end of each half term a selection of folders will be selected for quality assurance purposes.
  • Key vocabulary for each topic must be displayed in classrooms, this will provide children with opportunities to repeat and revise this knowledge.
  • Making clear cross curricular links between subjects will aid in underpinning children’s learning across the curriculum and support children in applying their skills to ‘hands on’ situations.
  • In science, children will be asked to solve problems and develop their independent learning skills.
  • In science, children on occasion will be asked to work as part of a team learning to support and help one another towards a challenging, yet rewarding goal.
  • Adult guides and supporting resources are provided with each lesson. However, it is essential that resources are adapted to support the different learning needs of the children in each class.


  • Children will have clear enjoyment and confidence in science that they will then apply to other areas of the National Curriculum.
  • Children will show greater confidence and be more consistent in their use of scientific vocabulary.
  • Impact can also be measured through key questioning within lessons to determine children’s understanding.
  • Children will ultimately know more, remember more and understand more about science, demonstrating this knowledge when using tools or skills in other areas of the curriculum and in opportunities out of school.
  • The vast majority of children will achieve age related expectations in science.
  • Pupil voice will be carried out to assess children’s views on the subject.

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